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The Chapter Executive Council consist of the Chapter officers, the  Chapter Sponsor, and Chairs of the Chapter’s standing committees.

The pioneer members of the Chapter include:

The Chapter Officers, comprising of:

The Chair, Haruna Isah, a 3rd Year PhD Student and a Commonwealth Scholar in the Artificial Intelligence Research Group at the University of Bradford. The Chair is the principal officer and is responsible for leading the Chapter and managing its activities in accordance with the policies and procedures of the ACM bylaws. The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the chapter and of its Executive Council.

The Vice Chair, Claudia Parera, a postgraduate student  at the University of Bradford. The Vice Chair shall preside at meetings in the absence of the Chair, assist the Chair in the management of the Chapter, and perform other duties that may be assigned by the Chair.

The Secretary, Patience Anitta Namanya,  a PhD student  at the University of Bradford. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all Chapter and Executive Council meetings.

The Treasurer, Bashir Mohammed, a PhD student  at the University of Bradford. The Treasurer shall maintain the chapter’s financial records.

Other duties shared by both Secretary and Treasurer include

  • collecting dues, pay all bills, and maintain records for the chapter
  • preparation of the Chapter’s annual report and officer contact information, and submission of these to ACM Headquarters via the chapter administrative interface
  • submission of any proposed amendment to these bylaws to the ACM Chief Operating Officer. Proposed amendments must be approved before they can be submitted to the Chapter’s membership for a vote.
  • perform other duties as assigned by the Chair.

The current Chairs of the Chapter’s standing committee include:

Web, Events and Programme Chair, Daniel Ekong,  a PhD student  at the University of Bradford.

Membership Chair, Omololu Makinde,  a PhD student  at the University of Bradford.

Inter Faculty  Collaboration and Community Outreach Chair, Shehla Khalid, a PhD student  at the University of Bradford.


Other pioneer members of the Chapter include:

Stella Lee, a postgraduate student  at the University of Bradford.

Arooba Aqeel, a postgraduate student  at the University of Bradford.

Aisyah Mat Jasin, a PhD student  at the University of Bradford.

Juliet Eze, a postgraduate student  at the University of Bradford.

The Chapter SponsorDr. Marian Kiran a Lecturer of Software Engineering and Cybersecurity at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Bradford. As the Chapter Sponsor, she:

  • helps provide continuity from year to year as student leadership and personnel change;
  • promotes good student-faculty relationships;
  • helps maintain university standards in all activities of the Chapter;
  • exercises financial supervision by promoting prompt payment of bills and collection of dues, and overseeing the settlement of all accounts in the event of dissolution of the Chapter;
  • represents the Chapter interests to the faculty and administration.

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